Gamification System for Eco-Driving: Enhancing Driver Motivation and Fuel Savings through Game Mechanics


  • Daniel Cale
  • Adriana Franco
  • João C. Ferreira
  • João Rocha


Implementing a gamification system aims to motivate drivers to adopt eco-friendly driving behaviors and subsequently achieve fuel savings. The growing concern for environmental sustainability and the imperative to reduce carbon emissions from vehicular activities have led to increased interest in eco-driving practices. Gamification, which leverages elements from game design in non-game contexts, offers a promising avenue for fostering behavior change. This research presents a comprehensive framework for developing a gamification system that integrates game mechanics to encourage drivers to engage in fuel-efficient driving practices. This study employs a mixed-method approach that combines data collection from vehicle sensors and user feedback through user testing. The system’s effectiveness regarding fuel savings and driving behavior modifications were evaluated by analyzing the data on driving habits and fuel consumption. The feedback from the participants provides insights into user engagement, motivational factors, and perceptions of the gamified eco-driving experience. Integrating real-time feedback and competitive elements resonates positively with users, stimulating sustained interest and participation. This study demonstrates the potential of gamification as an impactful tool for fostering eco-friendly behaviors and contributing to the broader goals of sustainable transportation and environmental preservation. This investigation contributes to gamification, eco-driving, and sustainable transportation by offering a tangible solution for encouraging positive behavior changes among drivers. The insights gained from this study provide a foundation for future endeavors to design effective gamification systems that address environmental concerns and promote sustainable practices in various domains.


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Daniel Cale, Adriana Franco, João C. Ferreira, & João Rocha. (2024). Gamification System for Eco-Driving: Enhancing Driver Motivation and Fuel Savings through Game Mechanics . International Journal of Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications, 16(3), 17. Retrieved from



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