How we Publish

Cerebration Science Publishing's publishing approach is based on the principle of reinstating publishing into the control of researchers, made possible through technology that can be scaled. This means we distribute editorial responsibility to the editorial board who take acceptance or rejection decisions and have the independence to shape the direction of research. To help editors perform their roles and grow their journals quickly and efficiently, we have developed the most advanced IT platform in academic publishing.


Our journals are impelled and peer-reviewed by currently active researchers, distinguished for their expertise within their respective fields, and selected for editorial boards based on precise selection criteria. The robust representation of the research community across our journals guarantees that the course of science is collectively and collaboratively molded by working together.

Transparancy and Accountability

All articles we publish undergo a peer review process, with the names of the reviewers showcased in the ultimate publication. Presenting the names of the reviewers alongside those of the authors establishes responsibility, adds credibility to the peer review's quality, and serves as a method of acknowledging their commitment and contribution.

Dedicated Support Team

Our editors receive comprehensive support from the team of publishing experts at Cerebration Science Publishing, who assume accountability for the quality of our publishing program. This responsibility encompasses tasks ranging from enlisting members for the editorial board to conducting quality assessments on every submission. We engage in cooperation with our editors to guarantee adherence to our mission, maintenance of our standards, and alignment with our values.

Custom-built Technology

Our publishing operations are fundamentally centered around our open science publishing platform. We aim for researchers operating at the forefront of scientific advancements to gain advantages from the most current technology for the purpose of affirming and dispersing their discoveries. The utilization of software tools enables us to furnish a thorough, swift, and efficient service. This simultaneous utilization also enables our editors to concentrate on the scientific material and enhances manuscripts throughout the peer review process.